Objective Of Cluster Observatory

The Objective of the Cluster Observatory is to:

  • Provide comprehensive online database about clusters in India.

  • Bridge the information gap and cater to the needs of a wide category of audience ranging from policy makers, donor, development institutions, cluster practitioners, research institutions, financial institutions, etc.

  • Facilitate developmental linkages with policy makers and practioners.

  • Help policy makers to undertake informed policy decision.

  • Facilitate effectiveness of cluster development initiatives

Accordingly, the Cluster Observatory provide information on:

  • Clusters in India

  • Data about clusters and cluster initiatives

  • Analyzed information and synthesised reports on clusters

  • Flexibility to the viewer to analyse information based on filters available

  • Data on clusters with regard to turnover, employment and number of units in a cluster

  • Synopsis of clusters

  • Information on diagnostic study of the clusters

  • Schemes and Programs for Cluster Development

  • Literature on Clusters viz. Articles, Reports, Case Studies etc